5 Types of Casual Shoes for Men to Make a Style Statement

Shoes are the best accessories for a man to add up in their wardrobe. It is an essential accessory which is worn on every outfit, to add on to personality and looks of a man. It is said that a man’s personality can be judged on the type of shoes he wears. Earlier, men used to wear shoes just to project their feet from being hurt while they walk or travel, but mind-set have changed tremendously and men now wear shoes to add fashion and trend to their style. Here are some of the best casual shoes for men to choose from.


Canvas Shoes

It goes well with all the casual dress you wear. You can boost your style and looks by wearing canvas shoes on denim and shorts. Canvas shoes are sold at a comparatively higher rate when compared to all other casual shoes because of its quality and longevity. It is one of the most ideal shoes for men that can be chosen for daily wear, or while going out for outings with friends and family.


These shoes for men have always been their favourite. One can wear sneakers on leisure suits apart from denims, shorts, or any casual wears. There are different types of sneakers available in the market, which are based on style, colours, and materials. One can choose any type based on their preference and choice.

Slip on

Slip on are available in different styles and types, and are used by most of the men because of its utmost comfortability. They are best to wear if you are walking around in the neighbourhood, going for shopping, or just for a normal walk. While putting this on, men does not feel any strain on their feet, instead feel completely light giving much required comfort to their legs.

Sports Shoes

It is amongst the most comfortable form of shoes which makes sure to keep your feet healthy for life. These shoes are available in different big brands, thus serving men with different variety to choose from. Sports shoes can be worn on casual occasions or while going for a walk or jogging because of its fine grip and sole quality.


These shoes for men are latest in style that is quite comfortable to wear. Apart from comfort, they can be casually worn over trousers or denims to add on to your looks. Loafers are perfect to carry while going out for an informal get together or for corporate meetings as well. One of the best things about loafers is men need not have to spend much time while wearing or taking them off.

The Last Words

Not only woman, but men also love to have different variety of shoes which can be worn for different occasions. These day men have their own shoe racks which are filled with dozen of casual and formal shoes. With immense variety of casual shoes available in the market, style yourself up with the best, and wear it on right occasion to enhance your looks and personality.